A Meditation – Candle – Lamp is a vital item that should be at the heart of every home, office and rest place. As we rush through the everyday highs and lows of the stress ridden socio-economic world in which we live, WE NEED A REST-PLACE that we can come home to. In order to, at least for a few moments be able to switch-off, relax and take a breather.

 Thus this unique Candle – Meditation – Lamp has come to life.

 In home or office, Rest Room or Living Room, this cosy bead adorned lamp will cast a lasting, relaxing spiritual glow on any comfy corner, private place or colourful space.

 An exclusive combination of Glass Beads are tastefully used to hand make each unit. Various option of colours are available to suite the tastes and styles of all.

 This adorning product can even be used to overcome the darkness of Load Shedding and  of power failing. Rather than stumbling around in the dark, at least now we can use the time to grow mentally and emotionally as we Meditate on the light which comes  from within.


For those who need to relax by creating their own STRESS-FREE ZONE meditation program, or for those spiritually aware beings who wish to compliment or improve their own meditation program this product comes with a handy to use STRESS-FREE ZONE Meditation booklet added value, with an accompanying discount.

 This product is the love-child, not brain-child of Mario Vandelis who is not only the co-founder of Niki Shades, but also an established Stress Master and Life Enrichment Coach, Author and Poet.






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